Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ready or Not

It is a well known fact among my family and friends that I am not particularly fond of children. That being said, the following is a compilation of surprised faces from my family upon finding out that I am in fact PREGNANT:

I told Mark in a very sneaky way. I got a priority shipping box from the USPS. I purposefully got a box that was about the size of the Nexus 7 (the tablet that Mark wanted at the time) I banged up the box, smeared ink on some spots and printed off fake shipping labels from "Porter Electronics" Then I put it in the mailbox and waited for him to get home. Predictable  as always Mark checked the mail 1st thing when he came home. He walked in the door with the box and asked if I had ordered something. I said I had bought him something very pricey and told him to wait till I got the camera so that I could record his reaction to the gift. Inside the box was a pregnancy test that said "Mark, You're going to be a Dad!" I wish our camera was better but as you can see from the photo above he was just as surprised as I was. 

Sara and Emily didn't believe me when I told them that I am pregnant. They both immediately responded with "No you're not." It took me about 3 full minutes of convincing them until I was finally able to snap this photo. 

Robin got an envelope with a note that said "This is the size of your new niece / nephew" below the words a mustard seed was glued to the paper. My parents and Coltin all got a similar note. Their pictures are below:

Telling my cousin Brielle and her family was a little difficult. I had lunch with them and then told them I wanted a family photo. I went up to a complete stranger and said "Hey I'm about to tell my family that I'm pregnant. Could you snap a few photos after I say "1,2,3, Kristin's pregnant" Again, none of them believed me and the first photo taken was just of people with awkward smiles. You can see that Uncle Brent still doesn't believe me in this photo. But after some convincing my dutiful stranger-photographer got this hilarious gem.

Well there were lots of family members and friends that I have awesome photos of but this post would go on for a mile if I put them all on here. So I'll wrap it up with one more photo:

Meet Hank, our baby boy. He is named after my Granddad... well actually my granddad's name was Ianthus  but that's a whole different story. 

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  1. I love that you admit that you're not particularly fond of children. Neither am I. Those are some great photos! :-)