Sunday, February 27, 2011

I got a jo- ...nope never mind

About three weeks ago I saw an ad in the help wanted section for sales people at Wilson Diamond's. I had been on the job search for quite a while so I decided to give it a try. I went in for one of the oddest interviews on my life. Questions ranged from "If the clock says 3:15 what is the size of the angle between the hour and minute hand" to "Why do you think people were so outraged when Hitler started killing the Jews when just a few months earlier the Chinese government killed off an entire political party?"

Needless to say it was nerve racking but I held my own and I got a call back. The manager called and asked me to come in for another interview the next day at 8 am "oh a bring something to sell me." He added on the end. I went in the next day like asked and some him a puppy (not a real one).

Days later he called and said "You're a remarkable young lady and we'd love to hire you."  I was stoked!! starting salary was $10 an hour just for training and once you got to sales people averaged $14 an hour. The perfect job for Mark and I right now. I spent my first two weeks on the job in a back room learning how to grade diamonds. Much like the picture below. Most of the time it was just me and a microscope. I had very little personal interaction.

Finally on Monday (Presidents day) I went in to take the test. I did really well. The manager said "Wow you got almost everything right... you're fired"  Say what!?!? He continued "I really like you Kristin but you're too straightforward and you're very intellectual and the combination of those two make you very intimidating. We only have 90 seconds to impress our customers and I'm afraid you'll just intimidate them."...

I'm not sure why my boss found me intimidating, I really try to be friendly. How does he even know how a customer would react to me if he never gave me a chance to interact! Sure I'm intimidating to a microscope but give me some person to interact with before you make that judgement call!

Am I intimidating? Please let me know if I am cause I'm not doing it on purpose.


  1. I don't think you're intimidating. I don't get why your boss said that. I mean, how can you seem intimidating to customers when you were only working with a microscope?

  2. I honestly never saw you as intimidating. That's a strange assessment. Then again, this guy did ask you about Jews and clock angles in the same interview...