Friday, January 21, 2011

Dating is Like Ice Cream

My old seminary teacher used to say that dating is like going to Baskin Robins. You have to try all the flavors to know which one is really your favorite. The problem with that is that I know I don't like birthday cake so why would I like birthday cake ice cream? Still there are a lot of flavors out there that aren't so disgusting (sorry Robin it's the truth). So I decided to try a few flavors that looked appealing.In December of 2009 the flavors were:
  • Dan With Out a Plan
  • Almost Too Sweet Drew
  • Commitment Issues Dave
  • Melt in Your Mouth Kyle (with a side of arrogance)
  • Memory Lane Mark
I had tickets to the Christmas Devotional in Salt Lake. So I called Dan and Drew and Dave. They were all busy so I tried Mark. Now I had samples of Memory Lane Mark before but we had never been on a date so I was skeptical when I picked him up. But like all good ice cream flavors, the more you eat the better it tastes.

 If I had to choose an ice cream that Mark is most similar to, it would be a Drumstick ice cream cone. They are really good but the very bottom is the best part because the end of the cone is full of chocolate. And so was Mark. We were headed home from a good time in Salt Lake when he pulled out a thermos of hot chocolate. There is no better way into my heart (or my stomach) than hot chocolate! Our first date was a tremendous success and I decided the rest of those flavors paled in comparison to Memory Lane Mark.


  1. Birthday cake ice cream is the BEST! In fact I wish I had some right now! You know what new one I really like? Vanilla cookies and cream of course these are all Blue Bell flavors. Thats the only ice cream I really like. Nothing else matches up.

  2. You're right. Blue Bell is the best

  3. Agreed. Blue Bell is amazing. Kristin, we'll be sure to have some in your honor soon!

  4. Very well said! What class is this blog for?
    I have never met a Texan that didn't rave about Blue Bell. I have to admit, it is pretty dang good.