Monday, May 14, 2012

Previously on...

It's been a long time, so I don't blame you if you've forgotten, but the reason I started this blog was for a class. The reason I abruptly stopped blogging is because I got an A on the assignment. Once the semester ended my overworked brain had effectively liquified and I had a hard time trying to seperate wit and humor from the mush that was once my mind. Have you ever seen the TV show "Bones?" Think of Doctor Hodgins with a strainer going through some bodily goop trying to find particulates... Thats what I've been doing. But I'm back and eager to catch up.

I love watching shows like Prison Break and Lost. But I hate watching the "previously ons." You know the part that says "Previously, on Lost, John Locke was a creeper who screwed everything up but Jack saved the day . . . again." Mark, however, LOVES the previously ons he likes to make sure he knows what happened before he moves on. Well, to catch you up on the last year, here's the "Previously on" for my life:

Previously, on Something Like Love:

Mark and I had a one year Anniversary! We decided to do this awesome photo shoot with our birds, Darwin and Stella. Things were great, until Darwin found a way out of the cage and flew the coop. Poor Stella was heart broken so we quickly bought her a new boy friend named Leland.

We went on a fishing trip with Syler!

We  moved into a bigger house, I love it! It has a big yard so we got a dog. He was a German Shephard  named Carlos, (no we did not name him) we had him for 3 days before he destroyed our house and went back to his previous owners.

4-wheeling trips with the fam,

We made our own grape juice,

Our new house has a big tree in the front yard and we would hang our birds out in the tree so that they could enjoy the summer weather, but then some little punk kid came by and thought it would be fun to beat their cage with a bat like a pinata . . .  Leland and Stella died and I cried A LOT. :(

 My birthday this year was on 11/11/11. I hosted a huge 1920's themed party. Justin was my bartender and Byrin was my craps dealer. We had fun taking photos, fake gambling and drinking mocktails!

Mark and I went on a canoeing trip with my fam.

We went to Texas for Christmas. We had so much fun staying with Mark's brother Todd and his wife Rachael and their cute little boys!

Now that I've caught you up 2011, we can now return to our featured program.

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  1. Devin here. Sounds like yall are doing well and having fun, I won't be able to make it down for Emily's wedding. Megs is getting too big and uncomfortable and she is now considered full term so i wouldn't feel good about leaving her. We'll see ya at Justin's wedding then. take care.