Sunday, February 6, 2011

40 Pounds of Apricots

You know all those shows about hoarders? I always watch them and wonder how in the world the collected so much stuff. AS far as I can tell there are two of kinds of hoarders. The ones that collect anything and everything, and the ones that specialize in one certain type of object, ex: rocks, cats or beanie babies.

As summer was coming to a close in the year 2010, Mark temporarily turned into an apricot hoarder. He found a house that no one had been living in for about a year. So no one came to pick the apricots from their tree, and the branches were sagging as low as a gangsters pants.One day he tells me we're going to go pick apricots and I'm thinking just a few . . . We picked 40 pounds of apricots that day!

What does one do with 40 pounds of apricots? I thought we could give some of them away but Mark wanted to keep them all for himself. I convinced him we only need half of them and we gave the rest away but we still had 20 pound of apricots to deal with. 

Guess where they are now? In the freezer. Still just taking up space, being useless like all things hoarded. I don't even like apricots.

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