Friday, February 11, 2011

Gobble Gobble

"Family, isn't it about . . . Time." Well most of the time it is, but once a year around November family becomes about something much better . . . food. Thanksgiving might possibly be the greatest holiday ever invented. It's the only day when it's socially acceptable to eat twice your weight in mashed potatoes and drink a gallon of gravy. Thanksgiving of 2010 Mark and I went down to Texas to be with our family. We had so much fun.

We went swiming in the warm Texas weather

Hung out with our nephews

And saw the sights

Then we headed down to Frisco for a feast. Mark's brother, Todd, and his wife, Rachael, invited us for the big day. Delicious does not begin to describe the joy my tastebuds and tummy were feeling. I mean just look at the bir below. It is beautiful. Rachael did such a good job on it!

I don't think there is anything morebetter than a plate full of homemade food.

Except maybe dessert.

Mark and I made an iPie

The best apple product on the market!

After Thanksgiving dinner the universal American tradition is to take a nap but for some reason tryptopan doesn't seem to affect the children as much. They stayed up to play video games:

For those of you who don't know, my husband is the one whose feet touch the ground.

Overall Thanksgiving was a booming success! We had great food, good company and delicious desserts. We were so sad to leave the warm weather and family of Texas but alas Provo beckoned.

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