Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fishes and Finches Sound the Same

People mourn in different  ways after loosing a pet. Some people take it as harshly as the death of a family member. They go through all seven stages of grief (sometimes twice, just to be safe). Others, skip the stages and buy a new pet, name it "So and so 2" and continue on as if nothing ever happened.

After the lose of Swarley (the fish we only had for two days), which you might have read about in my previous post, Mark and I gave ourselves about two weeks and then decided we were ready for a new beta. We went to PetSmart to buy a fish. Our plan was to spend $3 max . . . instead we spent $100 on finches.

Just to clarify, this is what we went for:

And this is what we came home with:

I don't know how it happened. One moment Mark was standing next to me picking out a pretty fish, next thing I know he's talked me into a finch. They are Zebra Finches to be exact and despite my strong desire to name them La-a (pronounced "la dash a") and La/a (pronounced "la slash a"), we named them Darwin and Stella. 

We brought them home, Set up their cage and even planted some wheat grass at the bottom so we wouldn't have to change the newspaper constantly. At first I was not very excited to have to care for these two, but they grew on me. And then they layed eggs. They laid the first egg 2 weeks ago and for a while I thought nothing would happen. They weren't sitting on it, they didn't even show any interest in it. then they laid another, and another and today yet another. As of Feb 16 the count is four. At this rate I'll have a whole flock of finches, which is called a "charm." I'm not sure I'm ready for all of this! After all, I just wanted a fish!

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  1. You can name the chicks La-a and La/a! Since there's four of them name the last two La+a and Laxa. Oh what a math nerd I am...