Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Castles

List of things I hate about winter
  1. Cold
  2. Ice
  3. Snow
  4. The need to wear closed toe shoes
  5. BYU doesn't have a spring break 
  6. Mark disappears all season to be with his true love: Snowboarding :(
  7. The heating bill
  8. Impossible to keep your nose warm which leads to...
  9. Runny noses and colds
  10. COLD

Despite my spite for winter there are three things I do like about it:

  1. Hot Chocolate
  2. Snuggling with mark (when he's around)
  3. Ice Castles

What are Ice Castles you ask? Well here are some photos of a trip Mark and I took to Midway, UT with his sister Audrey and out friends Jessica and Aaron. We had a lot of fun exploring these enormous Icicle-structure-things.
This is an Ice Castle

Here we are in the Ice Castle

Ice Castles are made by leaving the sprinklers on in the Winter

As you can see they are quite tall

Mark and Aaron decided to climb on them... and then we got kicked out.

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  1. Are those ski poles you're using? I wish I had known about those ice castles before I left. They strike me as a great date idea. PS, my word verification is "focker."