Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picnics in Provo

Summer, those fleeting months in Provo where the weather is warm. The one season that gets you through the rest of the year. After all the adventure of Mexico and Hurricane Alex, we finally made it back. Settling in was a little difficult with so much stuff and so little room, but somehow we managed. Then we set about enjoying our summer. We went on LOTS of picnics and admired the summer scenery.

For one picnic we went all the way up to Silver Lake. It was beautiful! And some ducks decided to crash our party. They were very cute and fearless.
Silver Lake


Then this little guy snuck up behind us, He's a ground squirrel and we made the mistake of feeding him. After that he wouldn't leave us alone.

If we stopped feeding him he would make the most obnoxious sound I've ever heard! At first I thought it was a bird. Mark and I were both astonished when this little squirel opened his mouth and that noise came out. Here's a video that shows the noise they make. Just watch the first few seconds the rest is about Yellow Stone.

The worst thing about Summer is that no matter how tightly you grasp it it always fades away and then it's back to school :(

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