Wednesday, February 2, 2011

African Safari in Mexico

In the previous post I mentioned that while we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Monterrey, Mexico we were hit by Hurricane Alex and all our plans changed. We hadn't planned on visiting the Bio-Parque but when we heard it had survived the storm we decided to check it out. Only problem was that we had been driving an hour and they wouldn't let us take any food in. So we all hid food on our bodies. I hid cookies and granola bars in the whole in my purse. My mom hid Capri Suns and other stuff in Calvin's wheel chair & Byrin had a bag or grapes in his hat

 Once we were in we had so much fun! We got on a tour bus and went into the reserve. The first animal that approaches you as you enter the park are the camels. That might not seem exciteing but these are not your average camels, They are glutenous and they know you have food. They won't hesitate to rip the food cup right out of a little kids hands.

Mark found a unique way to feed them.

Jaysa normally loves animals but those camels
were so mean they scared her.

After the attack of the camels come, friendlier animals like zebras, llamas and goats:

 After that you have to face the ostrich. It's not that the ostrich is mean he
just has a interesting way of eating. He pecks at the cup very forcefully.

He got Devin's cup

As you pass the ostrich, up walks the graceful and gentle girrafe

She's HUGE

And friendly

Jaysa liked her much more than the camels, but she was still a bit scared

Her head was the size of Coltin

Elephants are to dangerous to feed but they were awesome to look at:

We saw lots of other fun animals like monkeys and hippos


Everyone had a lot of fun:

Even Clavin

After the Safari we went to a petting zoo
My friend the midgett cow

This Donkey fell in LOVE with Devin

They are best friends

Uncle B was tired

The whole family had a great time!

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