Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What ever happened to global warming? One day Al Gore is predicting nice, warm sunny days then all the sudden a blizzard hits! Come back global warming, I miss you. Mark does not miss global warming because if there's one thing he loves more than me, it's snow boarding. So when we got a chance to go stay at a friends cabin in Beaver right on the ski run, Mark could not resist.

We drove to Beaver, and we started to drive up the mountain but it bacame apparent that we needed snow chains. So we went back down the mountain, attempted to put snow chains on for about 4 hours and then headed back up the mountain. By this time there was an all out blizzard on the loose. We made it most of the way up but couldn't get up to the cabin... so we hiked. Through snow that came up to our knees, we dredged up to the cabin. Like every treacherous trek there were casualties. The pioneers lost many, the Donner Party was devestated, we lost a life that was very dear to us. RIP Swarley. You were a good fish, even though we only had you for two days. We're sorry you froze into a fishcicle.

After mourning Swarley's death we began the difficult task of shoveling off the decks. Here is a picture of Mark shoveling through 6 feet of snow:

There was so much snow!!!

This was the view from our second story window.

Eventually we dug out way out of the snow and hit the slopes and it was a lot of fun, except you might remember that I am an AWFUL skiier. I went on the baby hills most of the time and the one time I tried something bigger I almost peed my pants.

The scenerey was beautiful!!

Our time in Beaver was a lot of fun. Freezing but fun. When we weren't snowboarding/ skiing we were playing Wackie 6 with friends and watching "How I Met You Mother." It was a great way to start the new year.

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  1. Mark and I would be great friends... That sounds like an ideal weekend.
    PS- You spelled "Buried" and "Treacherous" wrong.