Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bridal Fair

Bridezilla, a creature that lives deep with in the hearts of every woman. Bridezilla is a monstrous, perfectionist, that won't take no for an answer (or she might, but then she will eat you later)! Provo is the central hub for Bridezillas. So what idea could be better than inviting all the Bridezillas to a fair and making them compete for things? That is exacly what the Bridal Fair is.

In March of 2010 Mark and I went to the Bridal Fair and participated in the chaos. We entered countless competitions and drawings. The most memorable of which was the kissing contest.  A couple has to do jumping jacks while kissing. If their lips come apart they are disqualified and the last five standing make it to the second round. Mark and I were amazing at the jumping jacks! We might as well have been conjoined twins. Naturally we made it to the second round which was very similar. A couple faces each other and does push-ups while kissing. If their lips come apart or they stop doing push ups they are disqualified. Unfortunately, neither of us has great upper body strength. We still managed to take third place. Here's what the prizes were:

  1. First Place: a two-night stay at any Marriott Hotel in the world
  2. Second Place: a free Bridal photo shoot
  3. And finally (drum roll), Third Place: a free gynecology exam!
What?! Well we won a lot of other things that day, like a free engagement session from a great photographer named Karly Kim a gorgeous chest, a digital picture frame and an awesome clock. Here are some pictures of our spoils (excluding the gynecology exam).

Free Engagements:

Awesome Clock:
The actual clock has hands 

We also won a treasure chest, full of candles and a digital picture frame!

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