Monday, January 24, 2011

Three Dangerous Little Words

There are lots of dangerous words that come in sets of three. For example:
  • "Look a bear."
  • "What's this button?"
  • "Add more gasoline."
  • "Don't worry - relax"
  • "Is something burning?"
  • "It's perfectly safe."
But the most profound of these dangerous phrases, are the words "I love you." These words have both caused and ended wars. These words are sometimes taken too seriously and often taken for granted. They are the words that make up the turning point in almost every relationship. 

A month and a half into our relationship (keep in mind that Mark and I have known each other since I was 12) Mark drove me to the parking lot on Y mountain. There we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as Mark stumbled over his unplanned profession of love. It was much easier for me he had already fought through the awkwardness so all I had to say was "I love you too."


  1. "Add More Gasoline." My favorite. Did you come up with those trifectas yourself?

  2. Most of them are mine "Add more gasoline" happens to be inspired by Mark. That's what he said just before his leg caught fire.