Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lost is Found

Have you ever lost something important? You frantically start searching but it's nowhere to be found. And even though you've checked that one spot 20 different times, you keep going back to it, certain that the missing item will be there. It always seems that the moment you stop looking is when you finally find what you were looking for. That happened to me this week with a flash drive. It was in my sock drawer. How in the world did it get there!? This isn't the first time it's happened though. A few years ago I realized that I was missing the most important thing a person can posses: Love. I searched over and over in the same place thinking it might magically appear but let down after let down I finally gave up. I stopped looking and decided to make due without. Then all of the sudden- BAM! There it is. In the oddest of places: Mark Bishop. How in the world did it get there? Well, that's what I hope to explain in this blog, and maybe in the process I'll figure out how the heck my flash drive got in the sock drawer.  

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