Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Taming of Wild Computers

Computers are fickle creatures. You get a new one for Christmas and at that moment you are so full of love for it that it's hard to understand how your feelings could ever change. You think your love will last forever . . . Less than a year later you're screaming at the beast, ready to bash it against the wall. In a desperate attempt to save the relationship you turn to counseling. In my case I hired Mark as the counselor and he had a very interesting approach. He came to the apartment I shared with my computer and I instantly began relating the woes of our technological relationship. I expected him to take my computer aside and give it a good talking to, but instead he pulled an entire picnic out of his back pack and invited me to eat lunch with him. This caught both my computer and I off guard; I was impressed and the computer was jealous. Ultimately Mark determined that fixing my computer would require several more counseling sessions and agreed to accept payment in the form of a kiss . . .  or two. 

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