Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sunset Cruise

Puerto Penasco, Mexico: beautiful beaches, breath taking sunsets, warm air, and the kind of drinks you drink straight out of a pineapple. But underneath all the beauty and the romance is a dark mystery waiting to be solved...

Mark and I went on our honeymoon to Puerto Penasco. He had a great time watching the sunset by the beach every night and sea shell hunting in the morning. It was so fun. But there has always been one thing that bothered me. On every corner in Puerto Penasco there are men handing out pamphlets and soliciting people to come on a Sunset Cruise. The cruise apparently goes out around 7 pm, people get drunk, and then it comes back around 1am. We were approached many times by people asking if we wanted to go on the Sunset Cruise. Each time we respectfully declined and without fail the solicitor would yell out to us (in a Spanish accent) . . .

"Don believe everything de sheriff says! No one has died!"

What!? Who died? When? How? I feel like that is the greatest start to a mystery novel ever! A group of friends go out on vacation, but Jimmy never comes back. Why? Because Jenny got jealous, or maybe because Bobby had a score to settle, maybe it was an accident or a robbery gone wrong. MAYBE the captain is a serial killer who uses the cruise as a way to dump his victims in the ocean!!!

We never found a Sheriff, or anyone else that would tell us about who died on the Sunset Cruise and so I've just been left wondering. Regardless we had a really fun time in Mexico. 

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