Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pari holds the Key

Paris: the city of art, fashion, stinky cheeses and most of all LOVE. I spent a week in Paris in the year 2009. I loved the Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and Sacre Coeur but especially the Eiffel Tower. I passed a lot of time at the Eiffel Tower and being in the most romantic place in the most romantic city in the world, I felt compelled to kiss someone. But who? Looking around my surroundings I saw very few people alone. Everyone had their special someone. In fact just to my left a young man had just proposed to his girlfriend of 2 years. I thought perhaps I could find a Parisian to kiss on this most special of towers, but they were all smoking. Luckily for me I had a friend. His name is Wallace Bennett and we had been on a study abroad together. He too was looking for a Parisian to kiss but did not like the idea of kissing a smoker so we made a pact. If neither of us found someone to kiss we would kiss each other, and so we did. 

Wallace and I

Why am I telling you about this? Because, even though we had the most romantic view of the most romantic city, I wasn't with someone I loved and so the kiss wasn't exactly bursting with romance. (No offense Wally).
When I told Mark this story 2 months or so into our relationship he made it his mission to someday take me to the Eiffel Tower and give me a kiss I wouldn't forget. That opportunity came sooner than he may have thought. 

Las Vegas: city of drive-thru weddings, gambling and most of all SIN.  Amongst all the lights and casinos there is Paris. A casino with a replica Eiffel Tower; it's only half the height of the original but it still affords a great view of the city. Granted it was the city of sin, not the city of Love. We went to the top of the tower which was very unlike the original and enjoyed the view and then Mark made good on his promise. 

Fake Eiffel Tower, REAL KISS

That is the day I realized that it doesn't matter if you're in the most romantic setting in the world as long as you're with the person you love.